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Alpha Protocol
Alpha Protocol

Erste Wertung für Alpha Protocol
Geschrieben von alceleniel   
In dem spanischen Magazin PlayMania ist der erste Test zu Alpha Protocol erschienen. Sie haben gute 88 von 100 Punkten vergeben, die sich wie folgt verteilen:

Graphics -> 80 - The exteriors are not so bad but the models and their animations are far from perfect.
Sound -> 90 – Appropriate soundtrack.
Diversity -> 89 - Even though it’s the same game, there are many possibilities when it comes to customizing your character and deciding how to play.
Duration -> 90 - The replayability factor is really high. You can play Alpha Protocol a lot of times without experiencing the same adventure.
Overall -> 88 - A spy role playing game that succeeds in blending action with stealth and gives players a high degree of freedom in choosing how they want to proceed.


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